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By accessing the Dr. Courtney Kahla Chiropractor Directory list found at (the “Directory”), I hereby understand and agree that Dr. Courtney Kahla, LLC, does not endorse or recommend specific practitioners. All medical advic, and medical treatment and/or products and services given by those listed in this Directory will be taken by me utilizing my own discretion after a thorough investigation and assessment as to whether that practitioner is suitable and competent to assist me with my health needs. I do not and will not hold Dr. Courtney Kahla responsible in any way for the background, education, licensure, scope of practice, claims history, or clinical expertise of any practitioner I may contact as a result of using this Directory. Should I experience an unsatisfactory outcome of care with anyone named in this Directory, I will not hold Dr. Courtney Kahla responsible for that outcome.

Dr. Courtney Kahla publishes the Directory with a list of practitioners who claim to have a chiropractor practice and have paid a fee to be included in the Directory. The Directory is not an endorsement or recommendation that anyone utilize a practitioner who has received specific training, as Dr. Courtney Kahla has no means of assessing those practitioners and their relative training or licensure status or claims history, or if their style or method of practice is suitable for any particular potential patient. Selecting a practitioner from the Directory is not a substitute for a thorough investigation of your chosen clinician’s professional degree and training, clinical experience, scope of practice, insurance reimbursement options and other factors that may weigh in your decision of who to work with. Dr. Courtney Kahla does not verify or investigate the education or credentials of the people in the Directory; and Dr. Courtney Kahla is not able to advise you about any particular clinician’s expertise or scope of practice.

Dr. Courtney Kahla does not have any knowledge of or track whether any particular person's condition, or health status, is suitable for any particular practitioner or service. Dr. Courtney Kahla is not responsible for any claims, losses or damages, that arise in connection with use of a product or service found on the Website.

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